Cellular Phone Service (commonly used in DCP). Some Phase 2 homes may need a booster.


  • Central NM Electric Cooperative - 505-832-4483 (new service), 301 North Summit, Mountainair, http://www.cnmec.org

Internet-Microwave- Data speeds on microwave networks depend on the proximity of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) access points. Research continues on microwave ISP’s.

  • Cibola Wireless - 505-369-7979, cibolawireless.net , formerly Agave, has an access point on Capilla Peak, with predicted speeds around 2 mbs from that distance.
  • Higher Speed Internet - www.higherspeed.net.  This was the first microwave ISP offering service to DCP. Downtime became an issue and most residents switched to Wi-Power. Higher Speed’s access point is on Capilla Peak; that distance means slower speeds for DCP residents.
  • Wi-Power/Transworld Network (through Central NM Electric Coop) - 855-233-5741, http://wi-power.com. This is the ISP most DCP residents are using, with access points located relatively near DCP. Ask about bundling telephone service with Internet service.
  • Link showing the wireless ISPs for Mountainair - http://broadbandnow.com/New-Mexico/Mountainair

Internet-Satellite- Satellite providers have strict Fair Access Policies which limit the amount of data you can download/upload. If you exceed your provider’s limits, your service will be either slowed or suspended. These limits may prohibit you from software updates, streaming Netflix, Amazon, or other videos. For this reason, consider satellite service only if your home is unable to receive a microwave signal. Remind your builder that satellite internet takes 2 cables. DSL is not available in DCP since it is outside Mountainair town limits.

Propane - Servicing DCP

Telephone-Landline Service - Available only in Phase 1

  • Century Link (formerly Qwest)- 800-244-1111. Ask about bundling for internet, TV, landline.


Trash/Recycling - You must haul your trash/garbage to a county collection station, not to exceed 2.5 yards per week. Permit is needed, payable quarterly- Estancia Valley Solid Waste office, 515 Allen St., Estancia 505-384-4270, open Mon to Fri 8 am-5 pm, or go to www.evswa.com, under Torrance County Customers, click Account Information.

  • Mountainair Collection Station - 3.5 miles West of Mountainair, on West US 60, mile marker 202, open Wed 7 am-3 pm, Sat 8 am-4 pm.
  • Other Collection Stations - Customers can use any collection station in Torrance County. Go to www.evswa.com, under Torrance County Customers, click Collection Station Information for locations, hours and what is accepted, especially type of recyclables. No glass is accepted in Torrance County. Search “Where to recycle glass in Albuquerque” on the internet.

Water Metering - Each well group appoints a meter reader who reports readings to the well group manager or to Patty Gross each quarter. Patty or the manager then bills you for your quarterly usage.

Water Testing - It is recommended you have your water tested to determine the appropriate treatment system you will need. Take your sample to Hall Environmental Analysis Laboratory, 4901 Hawkins NE, Albuquerque, 505-3345-3975, http://www.hallenvironmental.com. Ask for hardness AND sulfate tests.

Water Treatment - Most DCP homeowners use some system due to the high level of contaminants, especially sulfates, which greatly exceed health standards and corrode metal and granite. Here are some commonly used systems in DCP:

  • Whole-House Reverse Osmosis Filtration- Installed at the main water line, providing drinking water from all taps. New systems provide 1.5 gallons of waste water to 1 gallon of water used. Following are RO vendors whose products have been installed in DC (using your own plumber and electrician):

Axeon Water Technologies - 800-320-4074, http://www.axeonwater.com/products/Systems/Reverse-Osmosis-Systems.html

RainDance - 877-788-8387, http://www.raindancewatersystems.com/whole-house-reverse-osmosis.html

Reverse Osmosis Superstore - 888-309-2837, https://www.reverseosmosis.com/reverse-osmosis-systems

  • Twin-tank water softener- Kinetico/TLC, 5000 Edith Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, 505-761-9873, http://www.tlcplumbing.com. Installed with TLC point-of-use, under-sink reverse osmosis system for drinking water. An additional twin-tank system for sulfate purification may also be needed. The effectiveness of this system depends on the hardness of the water from your well. Both water softener and sulfate system use salt or potassium chloride pellets, purchased in 40 lb. bags. Salt is available at Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot. Costco sells only potassium chloride.  
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