Deeside Orienteering Club Information for Beginners

The US Orienteering Federation



Basic Essentials Map & Compass, 2nd Edition by Cliff Jacobson, Globe Pequot, 1999

Be Expert with Map & Compass by Björn Kjellström. Wiley, 1995

Beyond Armchair Orienteering by Winnie Stott, Canadian Orienteering Federation

Coaching Orienteering. Orienteering Coach Certification Manual by Mary Jo Childs. US Orienteering Federation, 1991.

The Complete Orienteering Manual by Peter Palmer. England: Crowood Press, 1998.

Creative Outdoor Work with Young People by Alan Smith. Scotland: Russell House Publishing, 1994.

Orienteering (Outdoor Pursuits Series) by Tom Renfrew. Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc., 1997.

Orienteering Made Simple: an Instructional Handbook by Nancy Kelly. Authorhouse, 2004.

Orienteering: Skills & Strategies by Ron Lowry and Ken Sidney. Canada, 2000.

Orienteering, the Sport of Navigating with Map and Compass by Steve Boga. Stackpole Books, 1997.

Simple Maps for Orienteering by International Orienteering Federation. Sweden,1990.
Booklet on producing basic black and white maps. Learn how to make maps of all sizes. Great for teachers.

Teaching Orienteering, 2nd Edition by Carol McNeill, Jean Cory-Wright, and Tom Renfrew

Teaching Orienteering. Johnson Worldwide Associates. USA, 1991.

Trail Orienteering by Anne Braggins, chair of IOF Trail-O Committee.

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