Deer Canyon owners present at this year’s Annual HOA Meeting learned the names of the winners of the Deer Canyon Preserve Photo Contest. Congratulations to the following first place winners in each of the announced categories:

Landscapes: David Policansky, Sunflower View of Deer Canyon
Wildlife: Jack Lockridge, Nature's Holiday Tree
Sunrises/Sunsets: Bob Groos, Purple Rain
Wildflowers: Joe Glade, Off the Beaten Path in Deer Canyon

Each of the winning photographs was printed, framed, and mounted on the wall of the Preserve Center for everyone to enjoy during the HOA Meeting Weekend. Many thanks to Kathy Albarella for donating the professionally-printed color photographs. An engraved brass plate displaying the winner’s name, category, and the title of winning photo is mounted on each frame.

There were so many amazing photographs entered in the photo contest! The Communications Committee judges (members of the committee who didn’t enter the contest and aren’t married to an entrant) had an extremely tough job narrowing the contest down to just a few winners. The judges selected three additional winners in each of the announced categories. Here are the names of the additional winners, along with a brief description of their winning photos.

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Second Place: Dave Beatty, Juniper tree with Mesa in background
Third Place: David Policansky, Cloudburst
Honorable Mention: Cindy Sisson, Snowy Manzanos

Second Place: Jack Lockridge, Coyote in the Snow
Third Place: Jack Lockridge, Roadrunner on a Table
Honorable Mention: Wilfred Burr, Coyote Drinking Water

Second Place: Bob Groos, Cholla Sunset
Third Place: Bob Groos, Mammatus Clouds (orange) over DCP at sunset
Honorable Mention: David Policansky, Black Mesa, Orange Line and Clouds

Second Place: Joe Glade, Goat Morning Glory
Third Place: Joe Glade, Feather Plume
Honorable Mention: Jerry Melaragno, Easter Daisy

Beyond these winners in the announced categories, the judges identified a number of photos that seemed to capture the fullness of life at Deer Canyon. So we decided to create a new category for those photos and honor them on the Deer Canyon web site, as well.

Here are the winners in the Life at Deer Canyon category:

First Place: Bob Groos, Double Rainbow
Second Place: Bob Groos, Moon and Windmill Mesa
Third Place: Paula Wells, Residents Gathered at Preserve Center
Honorable Mention: Linda Carroll, Herding Cattle on Deer Canyon Trail

Thank you to each of the Deer Canyon Preserve Photo Contest entrants who captured the beauty and wildness of Deer Canyon for all of us to enjoy.

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